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Baltimore Orioles: Mark Trumbo comes up big in Birds’ loss

Mark Trumbo made his long-awaited 2019 debut for the Baltimore Orioles this afternoon in Tampa. Trumbo last played in a regular season game last August in Cleveland, before having knee surgery; he tried but failed to make a comeback in spring training, leaving that to today. And in doing so he got to see a decent outing from starter Asher Wojchiekowski. Wojchiekowski’s line: 7.0 IP, 5 H, 4 R, 1 BB, 5 K.

Tampa took a 2-0 lead on Meadows’ two-run homer in the third. The ball was a line drive that at first had the look of being an out, but simply refused to come down until it had just barely cleared the wall in right field. Two innings later it was 4-0 on Pham’s two-RBI double.

Hanser Alberto‘s solo homer in the sixth got the O’s on the board. After a couple of outs and a couple of baserunners, Trumbo came striding to the plate. Mind you, Trumbo knows what’s going on here. His contract’s up at the end of the season, and odds are he doesn’t fit into the Orioles’ plans for the future. There’s not even a guarantee that there’s a spot on a big league roster at all for Trumbo after this year. But he’s worked incredibly hard to get back to be able to play. And in doing so made a big impact on today’s game.

With the aforementioned two runners on, Trumbo smacked a two-RBI double to cut the Tampa lead to 4-3. Talk about a nice first hit of the season! Trumbo would later score on Pedro Severino‘s RBI-single which tied the game. Trumbo on today (quote courtesy of Roch Kubatko, MASNsports):

It was really nice. I was kind of hoping to do something today to help the cause. But yeah, being out there in itself was a good feeling, but it feels much better if you can do something to help the team, especially against a good opponent like this.

The game went to extra innings, however Pham’s RBI-single in the last of the tenth won it for Tampa. But today was about Mark Trumbo, who as I said worked incredibly hard to get back to being able to play. The fact that he worked so hard in what he knew from the get-go would be a down year, speaks to his character. Whether he returns or not, the Orioles are lucky to have had them come their way.

The series continues tomorrow at Tropicana Field in the first game of a doubleheader. Ty Blach gets the start for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by Tampa’s Trevor Richards. Game time is set for just after 3 PM. (Game two will begin approximately thirty minutes after the conclusion of game one.)

Baltimore Orioles: Mark Trumbo ensures not all power is lost in Birdland

Prior to beginning a rebuilding process just recently, the Baltimore Orioles were a power-hitting club. In fact, that’s what many people’s issue was with the Birds – all braun, which in essence failed them this year. I personally believe that once the rebuild is complete, the Birds will still be a power-hitting club; it’s the way or the world in the AL East. But Mark Trumbo‘s effort indicated today that even in the midst of the rebuild, not all power is lost.

Yefry Ramirez got the start in the Texas finale this afternoon, and struggled from the beginning. Ramirez’s line: 1.2 IP, 5 H, 5 R, 5 BB, 1 K. Ramirez however owned his struggles after the game, through his interpreter (quote courtesy of Steve Melewski, MASNsports):

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to command the strike zone today, and when you’re unable to command the strike zone bad things happen throughout the game. Very happy for each one of my teammates. I’m always very happy when they do well, and the most important thing was we were able to win the game today.

Trumbo got things started in the first inning in a very non-power manner: an RBI-single to give the Birds a 1-0 lead (Trumbo was thrown out at second trying to extend it into a double). However Texas came right back, informing everyone that it was going to be a long day. Chirinos’ two-RBI single gave them the lead at 2-1.

But in what ended up being a motif for the day, the O’s battled back further. Austin Wynns, with his parents in attendance, offered a three-run homer in the second inning to give the Orioles the lead back. However Texas plated three runs in the last of the second, chasing Ramirez, and giving them a 5-4 lead.

Luckily for the Orioles, Trumbo came back up in the third. And with a runner on he smacked a two-run home run to give the O’s the lead back for good. Two innings later in the fifth, Jonathan Villar hit his first home run as an Oriole, this one a solo shot. And just for good measure, Trumbo duplicated his earlier feat with another two-run shot in the seventh. While Texas plated another run in the eighth, that put the Orioles over-the-top in a 9-6 win.

When rebuilding it’s important to have veterans such as a Mark Trumbo or Jonathan Villar in the mix. You’re still playing games that people are paying money to come and see, and you certainly want to try your best to be as competitive as possible. However guys like these also show younger players what it means to be a big leaguer – both on and off the field.

As an example, the Orioles announced after the game that Trumbo had fluid drained from his knee before the game. That’s something that might keep some players out of the lineup. But Trumbo played through it. It’s things as such which typify what it means to be a professional athlete. When the team needs a boost, you play hurt if need be (within reason, obviously).

The Orioles now head to Tampa, where they’ll have a day off tomorrow. They’ll open a three-game set at Tropicana Field on Tuesday night.

Baltimore Orioles: Anaheim lapse leads to an orange donnybrook

This was perhaps the game for which the Baltimore Orioles had been waiting all season. The team was constructed to play games like yesterday’s. We thought that would be the norm. To this point, it hasn’t been. But yesterday we saw a different Orioles team – one that most fans would just as soon as see for the rest of the season.

The Birds got a gem out of Kevin Gausman, who set the tone for the team. Gausman’s line: 8.0 IP, 6 H, 2 R, 0 BB, 2 K. Anaheim had a flight to catch, and I suppose they assumed that Gausman would be just as hitable as the other Oriole pitchers they had seen this series. Save for a couple of exceptions, such as Pujols’ first inning RBI single (which gave Anaheim a 1-0 lead), that wasn’t the case.

We’ve seen strange things happen to this Orioles team all year. Balls falling in where they shouldn’t, balls being lost in the sun, balls sliding through the infield, etc. And often times, those small anomalies led to donnybrook-like innings which doomed the O’s on the spot. For once, those bounces fell the other way.

Adam Jones hit a lazy pop up towards Anaheim’s first baseman Cowart, who called for the ball. Couldn’t have been a more routine play, for what should have been the first out of the inning. But Cowart lost the ball in the sun, it fell in between first and second, and Jones was safe at first. It was only a single; but again, those are the types of plays which the Orioles have allowed to haunt them when they’ve happened to them.

And true to form, that play did in fact start a bit of a donnybrook. Manny Machado followed Jones to the plate, and smacked a two-run homer which gave the Orioles a 2-1 lead. That one mistake, that one mental lapse by Cowart…it gave the Orioles an opening, and they jumped through it. That was also a key point in the game because as much as I’ve written about teams holding the Orioles accountable for their mistakes, for once the O’s didn’t let an opponent off the hook.

Mark Trumbo came to the plate next, and the result was the same; Trumbo’s homer ran the lead to 3-1. Steve Wilkerson also smacked his first career extra-base hit later in the inning, which was an RBI-double and gave the Birds a 4-1 lead. And to cap things off, Tim Beckham‘s two-RBI double ran it to 6-1.

Again, think of how often the Orioles have made slight mistakes in games this year (such as Beckham hesitating to throw the ball to first base on Saturday), and how they’ve ballooned into bigger things which equaled big losses. That’s exactly what happened in the Orioles’ favor with Cowart losing that Jones pop up in the sun. I’m not suggesting that the O’s only won because of that, because when you’re given a gift it’s also about what you do with it. Most of the time when something like that has happened in the Orioles’ favor they’ve taken the aw shucks attitude and let the opponent off the hook Whereas when it’s happened to the Orioles (much more frequently than it’s happened for the Orioles, but I digress) the opponent hasn’t let them off the hook. For once the O’s took advantage today.

The O’s batted around in that fourth inning, which brought Trumbo back to the plate in the last of the fifth. And he delivered for the Birds, smacking a second solo home run. Later in the inning Trey Mancini would hit one as well, running the score to 8-1. Anaheim’s Calhoun would smack a solo shot of his own in the eighth, but that was as close as Oriole pitching was going to let Anaheim get as the Birds ran away with it in an 8-2 victory.

Buck Showalter addressed the quirky nature of the Jones single that was lost in the sun after the game (quote courtesy of Zachary Silver,

Those are the types of things that have been happening to us. I don’t care who you are, if the ball gets in the sun, it stays in the sun. … I thought one of the big keys today, the things we haven’t been doing, was the add-on runs. We get the six-spot and we add on some more runs. And that keeps a good mentality going.

Showalter was also asked in his press conference who his started was going to be on the Fourth of July in Philadelphia. He said that he had to update a few things and that an announcement would probably made on today’s off day. Interesting response, needless to say. However ultimately for one day, Orioles fans left the yard happy after a nice win.

Baltimore Orioles unable to complete the sweep in Atlanta, take two-of-three

The Baltimore Orioles couldn’t complete the sweep in Atlanta this weekend with a win this afternoon. Now that said, the weekend in the south for the Birds was an overall success as they took two-of-three. But Atlanta’s a contending team, and you’re only going to hold them down for so long – if for no other reason than pride.

David Hess struggled on paper for the Orioles, although he made quite a few very good pitches. Hess’ line: 4.0 IP, 7 H, 5 R, 2 BB, 4 K. You can make quality pitches in games, but often times those quality pitches are those that get hit. Atlanta got on the board almost immediately on Freeman’s RBI-single in the first, but the Orioles tied it two innings later. After sitting for a couple of games due to a knee problem, Trey Mancini smacked a solo homer in the third to tie the game at one.

However Atlanta took the lead right back in the bottom of the inning on Markakis’ RBI-double. Markakis has had a good series against his former team, although perhaps with the exception of today he hasn’t torched them to the point of beating them. Personally I thought it was tragic that a lifelong Oriole who had been through so much and who cared so much for the organization was allowed to walk. However Orioles fans should also keep in mind that Markakis was having major issues as a result of a procedure done on his neck at the time. And in reality, this is the first season he’s had with Atlanta in which he’s really been tearing the cover off the ball.

Culberson’s two-RBI double later in the inning would run the Atlanta lead to 5-1. However the O’s did make a run of it. They were going to lift Hess after the fourth inning anyways, and sent Mark Trumbo up to pinch hit. And Trumbo, who previously had been given the day off with a slight injury, smacked a two-run homer to cut the Atlanta lead to 5-3.

And that’s another reason that I love the National League game. First off I’ve always believed that a pitcher should have to hit. It’s part of the game, and he’s a part of the lineup. However National League baseball allows for moments like that, where a guy’s used only in the one at-bat and he comes through in the clutch. I suppose American League teams could do that as well, but it would be a waste of a potential field player or DH. So it’s squarely a National League phenomenon; of course, moves like that used to be prevalent in both leagues.

However Atlanta would extend their lead to 7-3 on a two-run homer by Swanson in the last of the eighth, which sealed the deal. However make no mistake about the fact that the Orioles had a good weekend down in “hot ‘lanta.” And while they struggled at times in D.C., they also now come home after a .500 road trip. That’s not going to get you back into contention, but it’s a start. Had this exact road trip happened a month ago, they would have headed home after either a 1-5 trip or after two sweeps.

The O’s will open up a four-game series with Seattle tomorrow night at Camden Yards. Andrew Cashner gets the start for the Orioles, and he’ll be opposed by Seattle’s Felix Hernandez. Game time is set for just after 7 PM.

Baltimore Orioles ignited by thunder and lightning in D.C.

Little did the Baltimore Orioles know that all it was going to take to get back on track after Tuesday’s loss was a little thunder and lightning…off the bat of Mark Trumbo, that is. Of course I sprinkled a little bit of Shakespearean double-entendre in there, as the O’s had to wait out a rain delay in Washington last night. And a long one at that, of well over two hours.

Andrew Cashner came off the DL to make the start last night, and was outstanding. Cashner’s line: 4.0 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 2 K. Cashner would have been outstanding I suppose is probably the better line. When the rain delay hit he had a 2-0 lead after four. The crew chief tried to get the teams through five to make it an official game, but between the fourth and fifth innings the rain and the ominous forecast became too much. When play resumed, both teams switched pitchers; and while Cashner had the lead, technically he didn’t make it through the necessary five innings to qualify for the win.

Jonathan Schoop led off the second with a rare thing indeed: a bunt. He dragged one down the third base line that was incredibly well-placed. Washington never saw that coming, and Schoop was safe at first. Bunting for a base hit – a new trend, perhaps?

That brought Trumbo to the plate, and on an 0-1 count suddenly the Orioles had a 2-0 lead on a two-run homer. And that right there illustrates one thing of many that the Birds’ offense has lacked this year. Get one or two guys on base, and then have someone hit one out. It worked to perfection in that inning, and it gave the Orioles the lead.

Going back to Cashner for a moment, I do believe that the five inning rule is something that should be looked at. Maybe not overall, but just in some circumstances. Cashner obviously would have continued in the game if not for the rain delay. We obviously don’t know how things would have played out, however it doesn’t seem right tha Miguel Castro gets credited for the win. Nothing against him, as he was great in the game also, but perhaps that’s a rule that should be amended to say that in a scenario like we saw last night the starter gets credited with the win.

That said, it’s something that’s technically possible now. The official scorer can credit anyone he wants with the win if he thinks they should get it. This would have been a textbook case of a scorer doing the right thing and giving Cashner the win, however that didn’t happen (it could still be changed). And rarely if ever does a scorer take it upon himself to do something like that.

When play resumed just prior to 11 PM with most of the fans long gone, it was just a matter of pitching for the Orioles. Adam Jones smacked a double in the sixth, and was later plated on a Valencia sac fly-RBI. But the Orioles’ bullpen held the line. Washington was able to load the bases in the last of the ninth, but the Birds made it through to the end and took the win for theirs.

Buck Showalter echoed the sentiments I just made on Cashner getting the win after the game, while not seeming too thrilled about waiting out a long delay and then continuing the game (quote courtesy of Roch Kubatko, MASNsports):

There was that infamous window that was coming out of New York. It’s supposed to rain here in a little while. But it’s another rule that should be changed. Cashner should get the win. … Obviously, I thought Castro was key, too.

The league has been asking teams to put a focus on completing games on the day that they begin this year if at all possible. Technically however that didn’t happen, as the game ended well after midnight! But it was in fact completed, and it goes down as an Orioles’ win.

The series concludes tonight at Nationals Park. Kevin Gausman gets the start for the Orioles, and he’ll be opposed by Washington’s Max Scherzer. Game time is set for just after 7 PM.

Baltimore Orioles surge to victory on the bat of Mark Trumbo

For the first time in 2018 we saw the Baltimore Orioles of old tonight. Guys made valiant efforts to catch balls, which landed in their gloves (as opposed to bouncing past). Pitchers made their pitches and hit their marks. And the bats came through in the clutch when they were needed most.

Andrew Cashner is still looking for his first win at Camden Yards, after getting non-decisioned. Cashner’s line: 6.0 IP, 6 H, 3 R, 2 BB, 3 K. Cashner pitched to a quality start, which certainly vouches for something. He made a mistake on one pitch, on which Duda smacked a two-run homer in the fourth, giving Kansas City a 2-0 lead.

To that point, we had seen a pitching duel. However as can happen, that one moment opened the floodgates. To a point, that is. Chris Davis came with runners at the corners and two outs. As late as yesterday, Davis probably would have struck out or popped out. But not tonight – he smacked a three-run homer to left field, giving the Orioles a 3-2 lead.

And perhaps the biggest key there is that Davis went the opposite way. When sluggers start doing that you know they’re starting to come out of a slump. The Orioles can only hope so much with Davis.

However unfortunately the O’s would leave runners in scoring position in the fifth, which almost came back to haunt them. Kansas City would tie it in the sixth on Duda’s RBI-single. It appeared to be more of the same for the Orioles; they leave ducks on the pond, and the opponent takes advantage. However Cashner pitched them out of the inning, preserving the tie.

The O’s would put two runners on once again in the last of the eighth with two outs. That brought Mark Trumbo to the plate with first base open. With Davis on deck and a base open, Kansas City opted to pitch to Trumbo. And for once a move not made haunted the opposition, as Trumbo’s two-RBI single up the middle put the Birds in the driver’s seat for good, and they went on to a 5-3 victory.

The win snapped a seven-game losing streak, but more importantly perhaps gave the Orioles some confidence. You’re only as good as your next day’s starter, and tonight that was a good thing for the Birds. They need to take that into tomorrow so as to get on another type of streak: a winning streak.

The Orioles will conclude the series with Kansas City tomorrow evening at Camden Yards. Chris Tillman gets the start for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by Kansas City’s Ian Kennedy. Game time is set for just after 7 PM.

Baltimore Orioles: Derailed early by injuries?

I would submit that April is a supremely important month for the Baltimore Orioles. I say that with wins and losses in mind, but through one specific lense: injuries. You can’t win a division pennant in April. But you sure can lose one.

Mark Trumbo will start the season on the DL. Chris Davis has missed time this spring. Tim Beckham tweaked a groin late this past week. It all adds up.

Davis of course has since returned to the lineup, and there’s a rumor that Beckham’s going to play tomorrow. Trumbo, as I said, will begin the year on the disabled list. So the Orioles are looking at perhaps getting him back mid-way through the month.

But is there a greater story to these injuries? I’d point to Chris Tillman last season, who ended up beginning the season on the DL, only to end up having a lackluster year with the O’s. Could that end up happening again?

And the answer is that the jury’s still out. Plenty of players end up on the DL for various reasons over the course of any season. And they come back and still play great. The key is to catching an injury in time and getting the player the rest and rehab that he needs before returning to the lineup.

And the hope is that the Orioles did just that. Trumbo obviously will be shelved for the first couple of weeks, during which he’ll be rehabbing his injury per the specs given by the Orioles’ training staff. He’ll then go out to a minor league affiliate on a rehab assignment, after which he’ll join the team.

However Beckham and Davis’ injuries weren’t harsh enough to put them on the DL. Will they be ready? Will the injuries re-surface? The Orioles certainly hope not.

The Birds will close out the home portion of their spring schedule this evening at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota against the Minnesota Twins – also their Opening Day opponent next week. Chris Tillman will be on the bump for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by Minnesota’s Gabriel Moya. Game time is set for just after 6 PM.

Baltimore Orioles’ Mark Trumbo to begin 2018 on the DL

The Baltimore Orioles received some bad news yesterday regarding OF/DH Mark Trumbo. An MRI revealed a Grade 2 right quad strain. Trumbo had missed some time, and returned to the lineup on Wednesday but felt discomfort. This is expected to sideline Trumbo for 3-4 weeks, meaning he’ll begin the season on the DL.

So what does this do to the Orioles’ roster and lineup? For starters, Pedro Alvarez might well begin the season with the team. That’s not set in stone obviously, however it’s a possibility. It could also open up a roster spot for the Birds in terms of keeping one of their three Rule 5 players. All of that remains to be seen.

The broader question however is what does this do to the Orioles moving forward? Having someone on the DL isn’t ideal, but will Trumbo be as productive as he could have been this year? Is this something that will linger throughout the year? These are all questions that face the Orioles going into the regular season.

Next week begins the final week of Grapefruit League play, culminating next Sunday afternoon in Clearwater against Philadelphia. The Birds have been “on the road” a lot this past week, however they’ll be in Sarasota more often next week. They’ll play road games against Detroit on Monday, and New York on Wednesday night. And the aforementioned spring finale against Philadelphia on Sunday.

The Orioles’ final home game at Ed Smith Stadium for the season is next Saturday night (March 24th) against Minnesota. It’s also fireworks night, and the fans and the team will be treated to a fireworks display immediately following the game. And then comes the turn north, as the Birds break camp and come home to Baltimore to get ready for Opening Day.

Baltimore Orioles: Biggest win of 2017?

The Baltimore Orioles wouldn’t have been out of the playoff race had they lost to Toronto yesterday. In fact, they still would have had the same fighting chance they have today – however at 2.5 games out of the wild card as opposed to 1.5. But the fact is that whether it’s true or not, some wins just feel bigger in the grand scheme of things. This game was one of them.

Chris Tillman struggled as Toronto was able to grab an early lead. Tillman’s line: 4.0 IP, 3 H, 3 R, 3 BB, 2 K. Yes folks, it begins and ends with starting pitching. But in these September games with the post season on the line, it’s as much about the bullpen and every other aspect of the game as it is starting pitching. Tillman lasted four innings, but if a starter isn’t hacking it after two, it’s not uncommon for him to get pulled. Especially when you have a bullpen like that of the Orioles.

Following a walk and a base hit, Tillman gave up a three-run homer to Donaldson in the third. But in a moment of foreshadowing of more than one type, Welington Castillo gave the Birds some hope with a solo home run in the last of the third. And to double-up on that foreshadowing, Mark Trumbo followed in the fourth with a solo shot of his own. Mancini would add a sac fly-RBI in the sixth, and we were tied at three.

However Toronto managed to put one across in the seventh to get the lead back. Saunders’ infield RBI-single ticked off of Davis’ glove at first, yielding a run. And it’s unconventional plays like that which have plagued the O’s this year. As I’ve said many times, anything can happen when you put guys on base. Orioles’ opponents have taken that to another level it seems, scoring runs off of plays like that, bloops, broken bat singles, etc.

But you play through it if you can. Unfortunately, it appeared that this game was destined for a loss, which would mean that an all but hapless Toronto team had come into Camden Yards and taken three-of-four from the O’s – a team in the playoff race. They say that’s why they play the games and so forth – incidentally, it’s also why they play all of the games in their entirety.

Remember how I said above that Welington Castillo’s homer in the third foreshadowed something?! Castillo led off the last of the ninth, and promptly smacked his second solo homer of the game to tie it up at four. And just like that, the playoff race was on! And as if these two teams didn’t go long enough past nine innings on Friday night, it took until the last of the twelfth to decide it. Mark Trumbo came up with runners at the corners and two outs, and his RBI-single to left won it for the Birds, 5-4.

Again, there are some wins that just feel bigger. I would point to last year’s come-from-behind win at San Francisco on a Sunday afternoon (in which the Birds trailed 7-1 in the seventh inning), as well as an early September win against New York in 2012. You like to point back to points in the season and say that maybe something began there. If I had to point to anywhere it would be the walk off win two weeks ago against Oakland. But with the standings being what they are at this point in the season, this one felt just a little bigger for the O’s.

And in fact, you could look at Castillo’s at-bat there in the ninth and say that it might have been one of the most important at-bats of the season. Ultimately if the O’s make it into the post season, all of that will be true. If they do not, it’ll be an afterthought.

The Orioles now open a huge series with New York at Camden Yards. Dylan Bundy gets the start for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by New York’s Jordan Montgomery. Game time is set for just after 2 PM.

Baltimore Orioles almost able to come all the way back

The Baltimore Orioles have seen Kevin Gausman be good before. Unfortunately last night wasn’t one of those games. After a nearly 50-minute rain delay before the game started, the Orioles came out flat. Gausman’s line: 3.0 IP, 7 H, 8 R, 1 BB, 5 K.

Chicago set the tone in the game early, gettin a couple of runners on base in the first inning, all of whom came home on Contreras’ three-run homer. One pitch later it was 4-0 after a solo shot by Schwarber. Zobrist followed suit an inning later with a two-run shot, and Heyward’s two-run homer in the third ran the score to 8-0. That appeared to be the death blow for Gausman.

But it wasn’t the death blow per se for the Orioles. With bats as potent as they have, they’re never really out of a game. And the good news was that after Gausman departed the pitching became much more stable.

The O’s got on the board in the last of the third on a Castillo solo home run. And they chipped away from there. There’s a part of me that says piecemealing runs together when you start eight in the hole isn’t very efficient. But if you do it enough, it does make a difference.

Chris Davis, who came off the DL yesterday, smacked an RBI-double in the fourth which cut the Chicago lead to 8-2. One inning later it was Mark Trumbo‘s RBI-single that brought the Birds to within 8-3, and an RBI-single by Mancini which cut it in half at 8-4. But the Orioles weren’t done – in the game or in the inning. Joey Rickard‘s two-RBI single cut the lead to 8-6. And suddenly we had a ballgame.

Mark Trumbo struck again in the eighth with a two-run home run which tied the game up at eight. It seemed that an Oriole comeback was destined to happen, however Chicago decided to wake up just enough and just in the nick of time. With Brach in to pitch the ninth, Russell smacked a solo homer to put his team ahead 9-8.

That was a valiant comeback attempt on the part of the Orioles, however the fact is that it begins and ends with starting pitching. Kevin Gausman struggled last night, and not to find the plate. If anything he was getting too much of the plate. And in fact it’s a tough line to toe; you don’t want to nibble, but you don’t want to get too much of the plate to where the ball’s in a sweet spot for hitters.

There was also a situation in the third inning which at the time didn’t mean much, but that really haunted the Orioles. Manny Machado smacked a ball down the line which deflected off the base of the left field fence and jilted up into the air. A fan appeared to then reach over the wall with his glove and grab the ball out of the air. Replays were inconclusive, but it appeared that the ball would have come down in play.

And if it had, Adam Jones would have undoubtedly scored – leaving Machado at third base. However after a length discussion the umpires left it as a ground rule double. At the time you almost chuckle to yourself about that costing the Orioles a run, as they were getting blown out. However all things being equal (and yes, that’s always a hard argument to make), the Birds ended up losing by one run.

Buck Showalter felt that the runner should have been given home plate, and he addressed that after the game (quote courtesy of Roch Kubatko, MASNsports):

We felt pretty strongly that it would not have gone in the stands. That’s the discussion. We’ve never seen a ball hit down there and not stay in the ballpark. Looking at the replays, there was nothing definitive enough angle-wise to think that they would overturn it, especially that early in the game. There’s a lot of plays up here where the replays just can’t give you enough definitive for them to be able to rule it on the field. If they had called that the other way, I don’t think Joe (Maddon) would have had any reports either to change it. So, it’s one those you have to wear.

The series continues tonight at Camden Yards, with a familiar face on the mound for the opponent. Wade Miley gets the start for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by former Oriole Jake Arrieta, Game time is set for just after 7 PM.

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