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Baltimore Orioles: Hunter Harvey’s wild pitch sinks Birds

The Baltimore Orioles got a good start this afternoon out of Dean Kremer. You have to figure that it’s been tough for the kid; his first two big league starts have come agains the Bronx Bombers. But he won the first start last week, and held his own this afternoon. Kremer’s line: 5.0 IP, 4 H 1 R, 3 BB, 7 K.

The lone run that Kremer gave up was on a sac fly-RBI by Frazier in the last of the first. Other than that, Kremer and subsequent pitchers were stingy. Not much seemed to shake Kremer. And that’s a good sign.

The O’s tied the game at one in the top of the sixth when Ryan Mountcastle dropped a bloop RBI-single behind second base. This was a classic pitcher’s duel, and both teams struggled at times to put runners on base. Something had to give as we went to extra innings.

And unfortunately, it was the new extra innings rules that forced something to give. And for the O’s at that. Hunter Harvey was brought on to pitch the tenth, and of course New York got to start with a runner on second base.

Harvey uncorked a wild pitch, and the runner went to third. He would later score on Voit’s sac fly-RBI. It’s really a shame; this was a game the O’s had a golden opportunity to win. And that one slight mistake cost them the game.

As I said after last night’s loss, defensive mishaps like that can cost you games. And in this case it did. Now granted would a wild pitch setting up a run be such a problem in the third inning? Maybe, maybe not. In a 2-1 game it would still stick out. However the O’s would have had time to overcome it. In extra innings it’s a different story.

The series concludes tomorrow at Yankee Stadium. John Means gets the start for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by New York’s J.A. Happ. Game time is set for just after 1 PM.

Baltimore Orioles: Hanser Alberto slugs Hunter Harvey to his first big league win

First and foremost, the Baltimore Orioles snapped an eight-game losing streak this evening. Dylan Bundy pitched an absolute gem for the Orioles tonight. Yet he was unable to get the win. Instead it went to Hunter Harvey in relief – note worthy because it was his first big league win. Bundy’s line: 7.0 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 2 BB, 7 K.

In a season where more and more balls are flying over the fence, tonight we had the pleasure of seeing an old fashioned pitcher’s duel at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. To some of us, it was a refreshing sight. Let’s face it, home runs are exciting. But the game’s always been more than just the long ball. Pitching and defense have their place also.

The Orioles allowed a single to Gordon in the second inning, which wouldn’t have happened if not for the shift. The ball was hit right to where the second baseman would have been had the O’s played their defense straight away. An additional base hit an a Villoria RBI-single later, and the O’s trailed 1-0.

And that one-run lead held up for Kansas City for some time. For awhile it looked like their pitching was going to do all they could not to even let the Orioles on base. However on the other side the Birds still had Bundy dueling right there with Kansas City’s starter. And he was let off the hook for a loss when Rio Ruiz smacked an RBI-single in the seventh.

However they lifted Bundy after the seventh, and Harvey pitched the eighth. A flawless eighth I might add – striking out two. That was the top of the eighth. Then came the last of the eighth.

Trey Mancini led the inning off with a walk. However it was a heads up play that he made while on first which made a huge difference a in theory. An out was recorded on a foul pop, sending the Kansas City third baseman into the Kansas City dugout on the third base side. While he made the catch, he did so falling into the dugout and with his back to the field. Mancini alertly tagged up and went to second base.

Hanser Alberto came to the play following an additional walk, and send a three-run homer into the Orioles’ bullpen in left center field. That gave the Orioles a 4-1 lead, which translated into a 4-2 victory. Harvey of course was the pitcher of record when they took the lead, so he gets the win. Again, his first as a big leaguer.

The reason I say that Mancini’s heads-up base running made a huge difference IN THEORY is because they took the lead on a homer. However Mancini got himself into scoring position, and was ready to score on a base hit. Small things like that win you games.

The O’s will go for the series win tomorrow night at Camden Yards. Aaron Brooks gets the start for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by Kansas City’s Mike Montgomery. Game time is set for just after 7 PM.

Baltimore Orioles: Hunter Harvey makes big league debut in loss

For the second straight game in Boston, the Baltimore Orioles had a starting pitcher who pitched much better than his numbers indicated. You might remember last Sunday against Houston that Asher Wojchiekowski certainly pitched well enough to win (in a game the Birds eventually won in walk-off fashion). Again his numbers tonight weren’t great, but they also aren’t indicative of how he pitched. Wojchiekowski’s line: 4.1 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 3 BB, 4 K.

When I say those numbers don’t look great, I’m basically talking about the innings pitched. Boston hitters worked Wojchiekowski in this game. But while that led to his early exit, he also got out of some big jams in the early innings. He showed an incredible amount of composure, and has attested for himself very well of late.

If you’re Wojchiekowski, you have to think that these are two consecutive starts in which you looked decent. We’re almost back in the spring training mentality at this point in that results are meaningless. I won’t go that far because these are still regular season games and yes they do count. However bigger than wins and losses is guys paving a way for themselves for the future. And it appears that Wojchiekowski is attempting to do just that.

Wojchiekowski started to struggle in the fifth when his pitch count creeped up. Holt smacked a solo homer, and Bradley would later score on a wild pitch before Wojchiekowski would leave the game. But again, a very decent effort by Wojchiekowski.

Boston would tack on two more on a two-run homer by Devers in the seventh. The frustrating thing about that for the Orioles was that the Birds allowed a double with two outs prior to the homer. The ball would have hooked foul, if not for Hanser Alberto making a valiant attempt at catching the ball, and having it tick off the top of his glove – making it fair.

Again, Alberto made a valiant attempt at catching the call on the fly. But had he not tried, that would have been a foul ball. Sometimes it comes across as circumstances taunting the Orioles. Had Alberto mailed it in, there.’a no two-run homer.

Perhaps the biggest moment for Orioles’ fans was Hunter Harvey pitching the eighth inning tonight, and making his major league debut. Harvey retired Boston without surrendering a run, and looked good doing it. (He gave up one walk.) He of course has struggled his way to the big leagues, between surgeries – among other things. However fans and personnel alike should be happy that he’s here now.

The series concludes tomorrow afternoon at Fenway Park. Neither team has yet announced a starter. Game time is set for just after 1 PM.

Baltimore Orioles: Nate Karns, Hunter Harvey see action in loss vs. Minnesota

For the first time this spring we saw a Baltimore Orioles’ starter struggle in his truncated outing. Nate Karns started for the Orioles against Minnesota, with lackluster results. Karns’ line: 1.2 IP, 4 H, 3 R, 2 BB, 0 K.

Karns is healthy, which is more than could be said for him last year. However he hasn’t seen game action since last spring training. So it isn’t overly surprising that he struggled in his first action this spring today.

Karns loaded the bases in the last of the first, and Minnesota took a 2-0 lead on Buxton’s two-RBI double. The O’s tried to battle back in the second with a solo homer by Eric Young Jr. However Karns continued to struggle in the last of the second, giving up an RBI-single to Polanco. He was lifted in the middle of the inning – presumably after reaching his pitch count for the day. Karns on his outing and his objective on the afternoon:

Just getting out there doing what I do, pitching to what my strengths are. And trying to improve command, execution of my pitches, sequencing and at the same time competing out there on the mound. I feel like today I kind of came in like, I may not get the results that I wanted, but that’s not what we were focused on right now. That’s getting out there and trying to figure out where you’re at and then improve between starts and try to keep going in that direction until the season gets here

Quote Courtesy of Roch Kubatko, MASNsports

Buxton would also add an RBI-single in the third to run the Minnesota lead to 4-1. One inning later it was 5-1 after a sac fly-RBI by Castro (on a foul pop). The last of the fifth brought some elevated excitement for Orioles fans, as we got a look at Hunter Harvey for the first time in about a year or so. Harvey’s velocity was good, and to be honest his appearance was mostly about just getting back out there in game action. However he surrendered a two-run homer to Buxton, extending Minnesota’s lead to 7-1.

When you look at the results turned in by Karns and Harvey, they’re certainly a tough sell. But keep in mind that these guys’ outings had more to do with them just getting out there in live game action than anything else. Odds are there weren’t any mechanical problems that can’t be tweaked or fixed. And that’s part of what these spring games are meant to do.

Obviously when you put on a uniform you’re playing to win. So that part of the day is disappointing. But the fact that Karns and Harvey got into the game is the story of the day. And a good story at that. The game results might not always be what fans want to see, but there are a lot more in-game stories in these games as opposed to just a win or a loss.

The Orioles return to Ed Smith Stadium tomorrow afternoon as the Tampa Rays come to town. Mike Wright Jr. gets the start for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by Tampa’s Ryan Merritt. Game time is set for just after 1 PM.

Baltimore Orioles net first win in Hunter Harvey’s spring debut

Hold onto your hats folks…because the Baltimore Orioles have won a spring training game. Yes, you read that right. Not only that, but Hunter Harvey made his spring debut in an Orioles’ uniform. Harvey’s line: 2.0 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 3 K.

Harvey’s outing wasn’t perfect. However the part that stuck out to me was that he minimized the damage. Tampa’s first two hitters recorded base hits in the game, putting runners at the corners with nobody out. However Harvey induced a double-play, which yielded a run. It also put two outs on the board and cleared the bases.

And that’s really the key in terms of evaluating pitchers in these spring games. How are they doing in situational cases? If this were a regular season game with Harvey on the bump, you take that every time in the first inning. The idea is to stay out of a big inning. Harvey did that.

Harvey felt good about the outing afterwards, although when asked where he needed to improve he was very up front (all quotes courtesy of Roch Kubatko, MASNsports):

Really, just controlling my body. I kind of felt a little crazy out there. I guess it was just the first time being out there in a long time. Trying to get my body back under me and just command the ball a little better.

Manager Buck Showalter was very complimentary of Harvey after the game, referencing the fact that he minimized the damage in that first inning:

Good, real good. Fun to watch. Happy for him, excited. It’s more than just the stuff, it’s just the way he carries himself. He’s got a lot of things you look for off-ball, so to speak. Other than just pitching. It’s going to be hopefully a fun year for him. I’m really happy for him. I think we were all excited in the dugout for him. But he wears it well.

He threw some good changeups, a couple good breaking balls. I like he didn’t implode in the first inning. A big double play on a breaking ball, and he got his work in. It was fun to watch.

That’s high praised coming from Showalter. The Orioles did lose a player today, as pitcher Chris Lee left the game in the middle of an inning after straining his right oblique. The Orioles don’t have much information about a timeline for Lee as of yet, only that he’ll miss time. You’d rather these injuries happen now as opposed to later.

The Birds got a solo homer from Garabez Rosa in the sixth inning, to tie the game at six. Reuben Tejada‘s RBI-single in the seventh gave the O’s a 2-1 lead, which held up as the final. None of the regulars for the most part played in this game, however make no mistake about the fact that the organization is happy to have gotten it’s first spring win. The flip side is that the Orioles’ roster of reserves beat many of Tampa’s regular players.

The Orioles return to Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota tomorrow afternoon to take on the St. Louis Cardinals – who will be coming from across Florida. Mike Wright will get the start for the Orioles, and he’ll be opposed by St. Louis’ Jack Flaherty. Game time is set for just after 1 PM.

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