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Baltimore Orioles fall on errant throw, tag

The Baltimore Orioles actually performed fairly well in their first game out west last night in Oakland. Starter Andrew Cashner gave the Birds a quality start, both statistically and in reality. More importantly, he put the team in a spot to win. Cashner’s line: 6.0 IP, 4 H, 3 R (1 earned), 1 BB, 2 K.

The O’s gave up an RBI-double in the last of the first to Olson, which gave Oakland a 1-0 lead. However in the second the Orioles would tie the game. Rio Ruiz attempted to move a runner into scoring position with a sac bunt. However Oakland’s errant throw up the first base line allowed the runner to score from first, tying the game.

As we’ve said so many times, if you put the ball in play good things can happen. All it takes is one mistake, and a routine play like that can turn into a run-scoring opportunity. And in that instance it allowed the O’s to tie the game.

And in fact, that error also allowed the O’s to take the lead. With Ruiz at third, the Orioles put on a squeeze play and Hanser Alberto Laos down a sac bunt, which scored Ruiz. Ironically, Alberto’s path and progress to the bag at first was impeded by the first baseman, who was out of position on the play. The two literally collided on the base path. Despite Oriole protests, no interference was called on the play.

However in the end, it was an error and a mistake which did the Orioles in. With the bases loaded in the third, Olson grounded to short. The O’s completed the force out at the plate, and Chance Sisco went to throw the runner out at first. However he threw errantly, and a run was allowed to score, tying the game.

The O’s would throw the ball home where Sisco applied the tag and seemed to prevent Oakland from taking the lead. However Oakland challenged the play, and the replay appeared to show that Sisco applied the tag high, allowing the runner’s leg to touch home plate before the tag. The call was overturned, and Oakland took a 3-2 lead.

And unfortunately, the Orioles were unable to challenge further in the game, and fell 3-2. Now on the bright side, Oriole pitching was very good for the remainder of the game. They didn’t allow Oakland to push anything else across, which is more than can be said for other games to this point. They just couldn’t muster anything themselves.

The series continues tonight at the Oakland Coliseum. Gabriel Ynoa gets the start for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by Oakland’s Brett Anderson. Game time is set for just after 10 PM.

Baltimore Orioles: What’s up behind the dish?

Who’s the starting catcher for the Baltimore Orioles in 2018? Is there even a designated starting catcher? The Orioles currently have Chance Sisco and Austin Wynns on the 25-man roster.

Both saw action last season – both with the Orioles and in the minors. My personal opinion is that both of them could perhaps benefit from just a little more time in the minors. That isn’t to say that they both shouldn’t or won’t be on the roster come Opening Day.

My personal opinion is that much like other positions, the starting catcher spot will be decided in spring training. And again just a prediction, I think it’ll be Wynns and Sisco in essence platooning the spot. But there’s another side to this as well…

…catcher isn’t just a run-of-the-mill position. People like to compare pitchers to quarterbacks in football. For sure, both positions find themselves throwing the ball. However in reality the quarterback is really the brains of the operation – as is the catcher. The Orioles are a young team and that’s true across the board. But catcher is a spot where the O’s could perhaps benefit from having a steely veteran leading things.

Whether that happens or not remains to be seen. Again, I wouldn’t be surprised if they go with the two young guys in a platoon setting. But one way or the other, catcher is a position battle on which to keep an eye.

Baltimore Orioles fall late, possibly lose Chance Sisco

The Baltimore Orioles battled hard late last night (or this morning) in Anaheim, but ended up falling in the last of the ninth inning. However the immediate concern after the game and still now is the condition of backup catcher, Chance Sisco. He was injured when he collided with third baseman Pedro Alvarez while the two attempted to field a foul pop. Sisco in essence was “clothes lined,” to borrow a term from football. He was later diagnosed with a facial contusion.

While this goes as a loss, it’s not a bad loss per se. There were some bright spots, most notably starting pitcher Alex Cobb, who turned in his best outing of the season. Cobb’s line: 6.0 IP, 7 H, 2 R, 2 BB, 2 K. With the exception of a Simmons RBI-double and a Valbuena solo homer in the sixth, Cobb mowed Anaheim batters down, earning a quality start.

The aforementioned Anaheim runs gave them a 2-0 lead, which they held into the ninth inning. However Oriole bats, which to that point had produced one (first inning) hit, came to life and made a game of it. Manny Machado‘s RBI-double cut the lead to 2-1. That brought Adam Jones to the plate, and his RBI-single tied the game at two.

Again, Oriole bats were quite over most of the game. But they came alive when they needed to come alive, which was good to see. Unfortunately, Upton’s RBI-single in the last of the ninth off of Brad Brach won it for Anaheim. Brach on the Upton at-bat (quote courtesy of Steve Melewski, MASNsports):

I threw two really good sliders to him. Tried to throw a third good one and overthrew it and left it up in the zone. A mistake you can’t make. You have to make him chase it and make your pitch. It’s extremely frustrating. The team deserves better.

My question would be why would you throw three straight sliders? Most pitchers won’t throw the same pitch thrice consecutively. I’m no pitching expert, and the fact is that Brad Brach is – in the sense that he’s a big league pitcher. But it was obvious he was waiting for that hanging slider.

Again however, the bigger issue for the O’s right now is Sisco’s condition. The Birds are expected to re-evaluate Sisco today, and will make a roster move if he’s unavailable off the bench. Showalter on Sisco’s injury (quote courtesy of Brittany Ghiroli,

He got more of it on his nose more than anything. You know, when you have a real hard blow and your eyes tear up. Right now, he’s not showing any concussion symptoms at all, so what we’ll do is make some possible plans in case he has something [happen]. We’ll give him a call tomorrow morning and make sure that nothing has cropped up. That way we can [call up] a catcher if we have to.

The series continues late this evening in Anaheim. Dylan Bundy gets the start for the Birds, and he’ll be opposed by Anaheim’s Andrew Heaney. Game time is set for just after 10 PM.

Baltimore Orioles swept out of Pittsburgh

There are a lot of fans who are probably going to say that the Baltimore Orioles have thrown in the towel on the season, and maybe aren’t even trying. However I would challenge fans to take a look at the lineup before saying that. Guys like Chance Sisco are getting a shot at some playing time with the team out of contention. And justifiably so.

However the more striking issue is that for the truncated Pittsburgh series, the O’s have gone with an all-rookie outfield. In essence they’ve had to, given the fact that Adam Jones is resting his sore legs, and they have to surrender their DH in a National League ballpark. Last night it was Mancini, Hays, and Santander. Granted Mancini’s been in the lineup all season, however you get the point. The Orioles’ offense can’t be whatever it is with the amount of inexperience that’s in the lineup.

Gabriel Ynoa got the start last night, and only lasted a few innings. Ynoa’s line: 3.0 IP, 5 H, 4 R, 1 BB, 3 K. Ynoa wasn’t stellar, however the fact is that the Orioles are trying to get a look at different people in an attempt to fill starting rotation slots next year. In essence with the team out of contention, these are spring training games.

Ynoa gave up an RBI-single to McCutchen in the first inning, and the Birds trailed 1-0 early on. However they battled back right away. Cisco and Santander smacked RBI-doubles, and Hardy grounded into a fielder’s choice-RBI. Suddenly it looked like the baby Birds were onto something.

However one inning later Pittsburgh got back to within one on Polanco’s solo homer. In the third Ynoa issued a harmless two-out walk in a sense, only to have Bell smack a two-run homer to give Pittsburgh the lead back. They would add a run on Marte’s RBI-single in the seventh to win it 5-3, sweeping the series.

With that two-out walk Ynoa fell victim to something that’s plagued Oriole pitchers all season long. It’s understandable that they aren’t trying to walk guys with two outs, however I do wonder if perhaps the team doesn’t collectively let their guard down just a bit once they hit two outs. Or even two strikes. Walks happen sometimes, and that’s okay. They’ve just seemed to happen at the wrong time to this team in 2017.

To add to the quirkiness of the schedule in this final week of the season, the O’s are off again today. So in a sense this is the final off day of the season for the Orioles, however after this weekend of course they’ll be off until late February of next year.

Baltimore Orioles leave the game to Chance

The Baltimore Orioles left the game outcome to chance last night, as Chance Sisco’s three-run homer in the eighth won it for the Birds.

If the Baltimore Orioles were counting wins and losses at this stage, they sure would be lucky that they inserted minor league catcher Chance Sisco into the lineup late in last night’s game. But that’s only if they were counting wins and losses. And as we know, at this stage they aren’t.

Starter Chris Lee struggled in his two innings of work, and at times almost came off as if he was overthrowing. Lee’s line: 2.0 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 2 BB, 1 K. Now in fairness Lee only gave up two runs. However his pitch count was in the fifties after two innings; that’s not where he needs to be. However after the game Showalter expressed that he felt Lee would get to where he needs to be. It’s unclear if that means the Orioles intend to break camp with Lee on the roster or not, however it was somewhat of a vote of confidence after a lackluster outing.

Tampa put those two runs up on Lee in the first inning off of two RBI-singles. However the O’s rebounded an inning later with a Kim RBI-single to cut the lead to 2-1. Chris Johnson came up with one on in the last of the fourth and smacked a two-run homer to put the Orioles in the lead.

However in typical Tampa fashion, one inning later Rasmus smacked a two-run shot of his own that gave Tampa the lead back at 4-3. I say typical Tampa fashion because their attitude has always been anything you can do, I can do better. Tampa’s a very loose team, and while the intensity of win now seems to affect everyone else, it’s never really bothered them. Such is life at times.

The Birds were able to tie the game at four on a Davis RBI-groundout in the last of the fifth. As the game wore on, regular players started rotating out in the seventh and eighth innings. You know that you’re getting later and later in the spring when everyday players are stickin around that long in these games!

However I suppose it was a pre-determined fact that the game itself would be decided by reserves. That’s normally the case in these spring games. So with two on in the last of the eighth, Chance Sisco came up to bat. And he sent a deep shot towards left field, which you knew was gone if it only stayed fair…it drifted towards the foul line as it headed towards the wall, giving the impression that it was going foul. But then it smacked clean into the foul pole, giving Sisco a three-run homer and the Orioles an eventual 7-4 victory.

At the end of the day, wins and losses don’t matter. But it’s always nice to win if you’re the Orioles, especially when the “catcher of the future” is the guy who turned in the winning runs. Going back to the pitching for just a moment, while Lee had some shaky moments, both Zach Britton and Tyler Wilson got into the middle innings of this game. And both looked incredibly solid. That’s a good sign.

The Orioles weren’t the only ones making news last night; Team USA blanked Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic final game, 8-0. Anyone who wasn’t already familiar with Adam Jones‘ body of work as a big league player, knows who he is now. And now as a world champion, Jones is headed back to Orioles’ camp in Sarasota.

Today is the second of two off days for the Orioles in camp. So with no game this afternoon and this evening, there’s not much left to say other than enjoy the Sweet 16 games tonight!

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