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Baltimore Orioles: April sets the tone

For years I’ve said that the Baltimore Orioles needed to get out to a good start in April. Last season really showed what can happen if you get down early in the season. I maintain that last year’s team was better than 46 wins. And while we don’t know what this year’s team will look like, I would hesitate to say the same.

Last year’s team just got down early in April and the season snowballed. And that was a team of veterans. This is going to be a very young team, with a young manager in Brandon Hyde. You just can.’this afford to get down big in the standings early.

But this year it’s for a different reason. In the past the idea was to compete for a post season spot. That’s not expected to be something that’s on the line and n 2019. So why would I still put an emphasis on April?

The answer is simple; because you want this year to be about guys getting comfortable playing together and for the Orioles. If the team gets too buried early on, guys will start going through the motions – which is part of what happened last year.

You want the games to be compelling, and for people to come away saying, “…win or lose, that team’s fun to watch.” Which incidentally is the exact opposite of what they said last season. But I digress.

You don’t want this young team starting to think that losing and losing big is the modus operandi around here. Not even in the midst of a rebuild. The expectation is to play hard and to get the basics correct. The rest will eventually fall into place.

Baltimore Orioles: Brandon Hyde and Mike Elias will grow with the team

The Baltimore Orioles will be all about change in 2019. Mike Elias is now the head of the organization (save for ownership), and Brandon Hyde is in charge of the operations on the field. Not to mention that we’ll see more change on the field in terms of the players than we have perhaps since circa 2008.

However the Orioles find themselves in a position in which perhaps they’ve never been. Literally the entire organization is going to be new (or semi-new) to their respective positions. Sure the Mancini’s, Davis’, and Trumbo’s of the world are holdovers. There are also a few holdovers in other areas of the organization, such as scout Nathan Showalter (Buck’s son). But I digress.

For the most part, everyone’s new. Mistakes will be made; I’m just telling you that up front. When Buck took over in 2010 there was an expectation of a certain par which came with an experienced manager (and one of his caliber at that). Not to mention that at the time Andy MacPhail (an experienced GM) manned the front office. While the team wasn’t necessarily stacked with veterans, there were lots of players who had been around for awhile at that point. None of that is true this time around.

Spring Training will have a huge say in who starts at which position and so forth. However once the (semi) permanent lineup is set, as I said mistakes will be made. And I’m not talking about grounders rolling under mitts, pop flies being lost in the sun or lights, or anything along those lines. That happens with veterans – as we saw in 2018. I’m talking about guys taking the wrong route to balls, missing cut off men, etc. And not only that…

…mistakes will be made by coaches also. Brandon Hyde has managed in the minor leagues, but this is MLB. He’s going to make mistakes. As will the base coaches among others. Ironically Showalter was a master at a trait at which so many young managers struggle: handling the bullpen. As I look around baseball, I see so many young managers flat out abusing their bullpens to the point to where someone’s arm could fall off. And it’s not just a recent phenomenon; it’s been going on for years.

Guys like Buck who turn into great managers all started by misusing their bullpens. So maybe expect a little of that from Hyde – maybe not, for all I know. My point is that he’s going to make mistakes; as Buck said so often, we’re dealing with human beings here

My hope is that Orioles fans are patient and forgiving with Hyde. Not to mention the players, and even Elias in the front office. These guys are all going to be new to their jobs. Yes from Elias to Hyde on down they’ve all seen their respective jobs done up close, but the fact is that they’ve never done them. And it’ll take some time for everyone to be on the same page. Because the entire organization is going to be collectively growing together.

Baltimore Orioles: Brandon Hyde begins hiring coaches

Baltimore Orioles’ manager Brandon Hyde began hiring coaches yesterday. Tim Cossins was formerly a catching coordinator in the Chicago Cubs’ organization, sill be joining the Orioles. It’s unclear what his title will be, however he’ll be working with the Orioles’ catchers.

It makes sense that Hyde would bring some people with him from Chicago, where he was formerly the Cubs’ bench coach. As I said when the Orioles hired Hyde himself and GM Mike Elias (formerly of the Houston Astros’ organization), if you’re going to poach talent you might as well do so from winning organizations. The experience that these guys bring is incredibly valuable, because they all know organizationally what it takes to win.

Hyde has also hired Philadelphia first base coach Jose Flores. It’s unclear what his title will be, but he’s expected to work with infielders and coach base running. The Orioles made some blunders on the base paths last year, so Flores might have his work cut out for him. Flores also spent five years in the Cubs’ organization, which obviously bears a connection to Hyde.

Baltimore Orioles: 2019 is Spring Training all year

Brandon Hyde‘s Baltimore Orioles will struggle in 2019. And not just in the division, but across the board. Will they win more than 46 games? My personal opinion is that they will. But I suspect the team will still struggle.

That’s why I think 2019 will in essence be spring training all year. And I say that in one very specific context. Over the past few seasons I’ve always told fans during spring training that wins and losses weren’t important. And in reality during the spring they aren’t. What’s more important that you gel as a team.

So if the assumption is that the Orioles are going to be bad this year, are wins and losses really that important? That isn’t meant to be as bad of a comment as it sounds like. There’s most definitely a difference between spring training and the regular season. Good year or bad, there’s always the “urgency of today.”

However the expectation is that this year will be more about getting people in the right places, and then gelling as a team. In effect, building for the future. Some fans will be turned off by the concept of spring training in perpetuity. However if the process is done right and trusted, at some point you go from just competing to winning. That’s what we saw in 2012 from the Orioles. And we could see it again.

Baltimore Orioles: Will Brandon Hyde reach out to Buck Showalter?

As we know, new Baltimore Orioles’ manager Brandon Hyde will be introduced to the media tomorrow. The O’s have called a noon press conference. But there is an ever-so-small white elephant in the room still…

…will Hyde reach out to former Orioles’ manager Buck Showalter? Perhaps white elephant in the room is the wrong way to put it. However Buck of course was universally beloved by both fans and writers such as myself alike. Many folks think he should still be the manager. Perhaps a call from the O’s skipper to their former skipper would help to put everyone on the same page.

That said, Buck Showalter was never big on publicity stunts. And I suppose that a call from Hyde would be just that. However there could also be another reason for a call. Buck knows the organization and the roster pretty well. Could Hyde not benefit from that knowledge?

Keep in mind folks, if you’re in the camp which thinks Buck should still be here, it isn’t Brandon Hyde’s fault that he isn’t (here any longer). Buck, that is. Hyde’s going to do the best job that he possibly can – win or lose. Fans owe him their support, as well as the benefit of starting with a blank slate.

Baltimore Orioles: Brandon Hyde officially the Birds’ manager

Brandon Hyde has officially been named the new manager of the Baltimore Orioles. Officially, this time! Of course the news broke earlier this week when GM Mike Elias was at the Winter Meetings. Elias said that the rumors were “premature,” however at the end of the day anyone who follows the Orioles knew them to be true.

The Orioles have called a press conference for noon on Monday to introduce Hyde to the media, however Elias has already released a statement:

After conducting an intensive search, I believe that we have found the ideal leader for the next era of Orioles baseball. Brandon’s deep background in player development and Major League coaching, most recently helping to shape the Cubs into a world champion, has thoroughly prepared him for this job and distinguished him throughout our interview process. I look forward to introducing him to our fans next week and to working together with him to build the next great Orioles team.

Quote courtesy of Roch Kubatko, MASNsports

Hyde of course was the bench coach for the Chicago Cubs, but previous to his stint on the south side he managed for five seasons in the Marlins’ organization. Hyde of course has big shoes to fill in those of Buck Showalter. Obviously where the franchise goes from here on the field is entirely the accountability of Hyde. My hope is that regardless of the fact that he’s replacing a beloved legend, Orioles’ fans will welcome him. And give him a fair shake at the future.

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