Baltimore Orioles: Is the power going out?

The Baltimore Orioles had to re-sign Chris Davis when they did. The guy had quickly turned into one of the best power hitters in the game. At the time and still, I thought that was the right move. But was it?

The last four ALCS’ have been won by teams who specialized in small ball. In that mix are the Kansas City Royals, who won it twice. This is not to say that power isn’t a part of their respective games, because it is. It has to be. The home run will always be a part of baseball. But their mentality was different.

If you have the bases loaded and someone grounds into a double-play (with nobody out), teams like the Orioles see that as a loss. They only netted one run when they had a shot at a big inning. And I agree with that type of mentality.

However teams such as Houston or Kansas City see that as a win. Now the opponent has to score two in order to beat you. That’s their mentality, and they stick to it.

These are teams who are also not afraid of giving away outs early in games to score runs. Get ’em on, get ’em over, get ’em in. The Orioles’ philosophy is to get as many people on base as you can and then bring them all home in one fatal swoop. And sometimes that works out, but sometimes it doesn’t, either.

Now with this said, notice I said that the last four American League Champions were small ball teams. Only one of those teams (the 2015 Royals) won the world series. So while small ball might well get you there, you probably don’t want to rely on it in the fall classic. This year, that of course would bode well for Los Angeles.

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